The most inexpensive way to attend college

ImageGoing to college is very expensive. Not going costs even more. Here is a realistic plan to attend college without running up huge debt and taking six years to graduate.

This is from Morgan Housel an excellent writer from the Motley Fool.

Take two years off after high school. Get a job. See what the real world looks like. Almost no one I’ve met knows what they want out of life at age 18. A lot of people who start college at 18 end up taking six or more years to graduate because they change their major so many times. Avoiding this outcome will save you a lot of money.

  • Go to a local community college for two years. Get your general-ed classes out of the way dirt cheap and figure out what you want to major in. Keep working. 
  • Go to a state college for another two years to finish your degree. No one will ever know you transferred. Your degree is from that school. And keep working. 

Most people should be able to do this with a minimal amount of debt (though it varies by state). Assuming that since private colleges are expensive college isn’t worth it is too simplistic.