How to avoid being ripped off by the weight loss industry

This post holiday period is a great time for many unsavory companies to pitch their products. While obesity is an epidemic in our country, there is no easy solution. Discipline about what you are eating and exerting yourself with exercise do not sell products. Many people want an easy answer to a complicated problem and this invariably fails as it does with get rich quick schemes in the investment world.

From marketwatch….

To be sure, the majority of weight-loss ads are relatively honest, and there are some diet supplements that work. Still, the amount of misinformation in this industry is high, experts say. Engle says that to avoid fraudulent weight-loss products, consumers should be on the lookout for labels that promise quick action (like losing 10 pounds in 10 days), and labels that use words like “guaranteed” or “scientific breakthrough.” She also cautions against using creams or patches that promise to help with weight loss.