Anthony Isola

He Should rot in Hell

The 75-year-old, dressed in beige polyester pants and shirt with a matching canvas belt, showed no signs of stress. He told the occasional joke and said he was lucky to be in Butner, as it had a reputation of being “very laid back” and is kind of like a “camp.” How infuriating is this. The…

Dont fall for the Gerber baby college plan!

Chuck Jaffe of MarketWatch sums up his thoughts on the Gerber College Plan this way: “In the end, this Gerber product takes advantage of the consumer’s best intentions to give them a less-than-optimal solution to the problem they’re solving. Most people can do better on their own.” Read Chuck’s article, This college savings plan flunks the test, in its…

You are much better off to follow a simple investment system

Optimizing is often the strategy of people who have specific goals and feel the need to do everything in their power to achieve them. Simplifying is generally the strategy of people who view the world in terms of systems. The best systems are simple, and for good reason. Complicated systems have more opportunities for failure….