Anthony Isola

Why is college so ridiculously expensive?

  College costs have exploded in the recent decades. Loans have become available to all who apply. Huge sums of money has been spent on luxury dorms and sports stadiums. Schools have hired an enormous amount of well paid administrators. All of these costs do not add up to a better education and increased employment…

Where you can find some extra money.

Marketwatch reports American leave over ONE BILLION dollars in gift cards that are unredeemable each year. Now is the time to go through your wallet and organize what you received for the holidays. Use them before you lose them. The numbers tell the story.

How can you determine how much life insurance you need?

Here is a simple formula but like anything else it can change based on your individual circumstances 1.Multiply your salary X 10 2. Add in the dollar amount of any large future expenses (Ex: College Costs) 3. Add any debt you would like to cover (Ex: mortgage, car loan, home equity loan) 4. Subtract any…

The horrific returns of the average investor

The numbers do not lie. This is the result of three things: 1. Buying high and selling low 2. Not Diversifying (How did that Gold portfolio work this year/) 3. Leaving all of your money in cash. Be honest and evaluate yourself. If you are guilty of one of these three wealth destroyers.. CHANGE!!

“Don’t be like The Wolf of Wall Street”-Leonardo DiCaprio

Maybe you should have thought of this before you made the movie. Oliver Stone felt the same way about Gordon Gekko when he filmed Wall Street. He did not realize he created the motivating character for the Jordan Belforts of the world. In investing this is called unintended consequences. Like they say those who do…