Join Us For A Fireside Chat With Vanguard

Teachers wish the only thing they had to fear was fear itself.

Non-ERISA 403(b) plans are the night of retirement plans filled with indescribable terrors.

Precisely the reason Vanguard decided to start a pilot program with us. The need to clean up this mess is decades overdue.

The main problem Vanguard has struggled to gain a meaningful foothold is this troubled space is they don’t carpet bomb school with conflicted financial salespeople.

Their business model makes this cost-prohibitive.

Things are about to change. Our pilot program allows teachers to get the best of both worlds. Low-cost global stock and bond index funds combined with the advice of fiduciary teacher-friendly advisors is a homerun.

Public school teachers will have the ability to move from retirements outhouse to its penthouse in a few simple steps.

Vanguard’s Chad Kilhefner, along with Dina and I, will be the special guest of our friends Dan and Scott over at 403bwise.

Teachers can hear all about our unique collaboration with Vanguard and much, much more.

Don’t miss this one of a kind event. Join us this Wednesday, June 24, at 7 P.M. EST. for our video conference.

Sign up here and help us make history.