What are five ways to ruin your credit score?

 Did you know that closing credit card accounts can actually lower your credit score? It is true read about it in this article from marketwatch. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/5-things-not-to-do-if-you-want-a-better-credit-score-2014-01-15?pagenumber=2

How much of your budget should be devoted to your housing costs?

No  more than 30% of your take home pay each month should be devoted to your main housing expenses of mortgage and property tax payments. If you go way above this level you will not be able to save and invest. Many people think of their home as a great investment. Historically home appreciation is…

How to avoid being ripped off by the weight loss industry

This post holiday period is a great time for many unsavory companies to pitch their products. While obesity is an epidemic in our country, there is no easy solution. Discipline about what you are eating and exerting yourself with exercise do not sell products. Many people want an easy answer to a complicated problem and…

How can you increase your investment return by 20%?

Simple answer use low cost index funds and the facts speak for themselves. From the N.Y. Times… In an article last year in Financial Analysts Journal, William F. Sharpe, a Nobel laureate in economics, calculated that owners of the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index fund, a passively managed fund with annual expenses of 0.06 percent,…

If you have excellent credit check out these card offerings

Remember none of this stuff makes sense if you do not pay your balances in full each month but if you have excellent credit you probably know that already. Check these out http://www.nextadvisor.com/blog/2013/11/06/top-7-credit-card-offers-for-those-with-excellent-credit/?kw=out_top7_8